Collection: Dark forest

Jet-black forest

How do we perceive our surroundings in this ebonite-like darkness?

"Smell and sound"There may be a sense of smell, hearing, and touch.

But first of all, isn't it sound and smell? Isn't it trying to concentrate and listen to the surrounding sounds without leaking them?

Isn't it trying to find out the situation with the tip of the nose?

Standing in total darkness and suddenly reaching out to the surroundings is scary and shouldn't really be possible.

My heart ... Sometimes I feel like I'm in the dark.

In busy days, there may be times when your heart is overwhelmed and you can't see your true feelings.

In the midst of unrelenting questions to yourself (questions to others in yourself), conflicts of thought, you may want to squeeze out words and deliver them to someone.

Will it deliver the voice of the bare heart at such times?

With respect for the reader, I imagine how it will be communicated to the other person, and talk with all my heart.

Today is a world where things are calculated, evaluated and thought digitally.
However, the body and mind are organs that bridge digital and analog to express things such as sensory and emotional.

This jet-black forest was born when the difficulty of expressing the inside of the heart was tried and errored.

It is made of calming, moist ebonite touch, warmth to feel body temperature, and heathered eyes that attract various facial expressions.

We are particular about this material so that we will not misplace our physical sensitivities even in this modern-day, inorganic space.

And Mokume, this is the life of the tree, and when you see the proof that the tree has lived for hundreds or thousands of years, and the gentle expression full of vitality, it is a sudden step. So, I remember that the annual ring was not created.

Every time you pick up this fountain pen and see it, you may want to speak with respect and compassion for the reader.

And when you pick it up ... the more you use it, the more it becomes a tasty texture, and the subtle changes in its surface may be overlaid with your own years and heather.