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(Reservation) Tentative name: moonlit night forest

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Tree species

A fountain pen of a new type, classic, with a section that is exposed and a heather stands out in the jet black.

A single heather attracts the eyes in the jet black, and the slight depression of the section fits firmly in your hand.

In order to put this heather, we reviewed all balances, processes and dimensions.

The section (Grain and figure part) was stretched by 3mm and the body was stretched by 1mm so that the heather could be seen best. I remade the feed holder I wanted to stick to from scratch. 



*Please let us know the nib size and tree type (tree type) when purchasing.

I make each one carefully. We don't cut corners to save time or produce items quickly.

I hope you enjoy using this fountain pen as much as I made it.


  • Nib - Pilot No. 10 gold (Size EF , F , M , B)
  • Mechanical converter con-70/cartridge both styles
  • Converter Included - no
  • Compatible Ink - Bottle or pilot cartridge
  • Standard pilot
  • Overall length - 151 mm
  • Open Length - 143mm
  • Writing length - 143 mm
  • Diameter Body - 13.1-12.7mm
  • Diameter Cap - 13.1-12.7mm
  • Diameter Grip - 12mm
  • Weight Overall - 20g
  • Body Material: : Named wood, Body: Nikko Ebonite
  • Accessories Converter, cartridge, box