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Quiet (striped ebony, quince hump)

Quiet (striped ebony, quince hump)

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The fine and beautiful heather of the quince is complemented by the striped ebony and the walnut and maple sandwiched between the quince. The quince hump is more emphasized. Black ebonite is used for the neck to match ebony. Enjoy the feel of ebonite.

From the pen tip The pen tip, which can be said to be the heart of a fountain pen, uses JOWO 14K gold nib made in Germany, which is highly evaluated by manufacturers all over the world. The high-quality resin nib created by the latest machining technology firmly supports the nib and realizes a stable ink flow. In addition, the 14-karat gold nib conveys softness and repulsion to the hand holding the fountain pen, giving it a unique writing feel.

* Nib 14K Gold Made in Germany Jowo # 6
* Size EF (extra-fine), F (fine), M (medium), B (bold)
* Mechanism converter/cartridge both styles
* Length when stored 135 mm
* Writing length 130/175mm
* Thickness 15.5mm (main body) 17.7mm (cap)
* Weight 25g
* Material

  • Neck:Ebonite made in Japan,
  • Body:Striped ebony,
  • Assortment:quince hump, walnut
  • Ring part:Maple,

* Accessories Converter, cartridge, microfiber cloth, box
* Delivery method Courier service

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