Mother's Day

I thought I'd share it because it always reminds me of something and gives me a lesson.う。

At the end of the day, I put my daughter to bed. This is my last job.仕事^^

That day, before going to bed, my daughter looked at me with her finger in her mouth, as if she was waiting for someone to say something to her. た。

Usually, I just hear that I had a great day, but about three days ago, I wanted to listen to something I had heard in an audiobook. I forgot the title, but it was a passage from a movie that told the story of memories from the time I was in the womb until I was born. を紹介していた。

Although I didn't think she would get a proper answer because she was only one year and nine months old, I wanted to ask her, "Did you choose to be born to make your mother happy?" と尋ねた。


He lay on his back, staring at the ceiling, thinking for a while, then he let go of his thumbs, raised both hands, slammed the futon down, and said, い放った。

「Dad と

Then he turned towards me, looked me in the eye, put his fingers in his mouth again, and slowly closed his eyes. った。

Now I'm going to talk to God


It surprised me and made me think…


Don't underestimate your newborn baby and think that it can't do anything. 。

Maybe when we are born, all our senses are connected and we can't move. ?

Perhaps you know happiness...


It was an incident that reminded me of something and taught me a lesson.。

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