Collection: Dark forest

<Concept & Story>


How do we perceive our surroundings in this pitch black darkness like ebonite? ?

「Smell, sound, hearing, and maybe even touch. い。

But perhaps the first thing to consider is the sound and the smell. You concentrate and try to hear every sound in your surroundings. か?

Aren't they trying to figure out the situation with their noses?

Standing in pitch black and suddenly reaching out to reach out is probably too scary to actually do. だ

Sometimes I feel like my heart is in this darkness too 。

In our busy lives, there are times when our minds become so overwhelmed that we lose sight of our true feelings. か?

Don't you sometimes want to ask yourself questions (or questions to others within yourself) and squeeze out words in the midst of a conflict of feelings, and convey them to someone? ろうか?

Would he really express his honest thoughts at a time like that?

I think it is important to speak with respect for the reader, to imagine how it will be conveyed to them, and to use all of the emotion and reason to convey it. か?

Today's world is one in which things are calculated, evaluated, and thought about digitally. す。
But the body and mind are organs that bridge the digital and analog worlds to express the sensory and emotional. す。

This jet black forest was born from the trial and error of trying to express the innermost thoughts of the person. した。

The soft touch of ebonite is soothing to the soul. The warmth of body heat is felt, and the grain pattern shows various expressions. ます。

I am particular about using this material so that I do not lose sight of my physical sensitivities even in the inorganic space of today, where our senses are cut off. る。

The grain of the wood is proof of the tree's unknowable lifespan, and the hundreds or thousands of years it has lived. When you see its gentle, vital expression, you are reminded that the rings were not formed by a sudden process. こすします。

Whenever you hold or see this fountain pen in your hands, you will want to speak to the reader with respect and sincerity. うか。

And when you hold it in your hands, the more you use it, the more it will acquire a rich texture over time, and the subtle changes in its surface will remind you of your own years and the grain of the wood. ろうか?