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Takayuki Suzuki (producer)

Born in Furukawa, Miyagi Prefecture in 1971. His parents were fascinated by the mountains of Shinshu and moved to Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture when he was a child. Since I was a kid, I've been breaking wall clocks and sewing machines apart, collecting brass and iron parts, and going into the attic and looking at the attic all the time.

Perhaps he was acting on the desire to know what was going on. I was often angry because I couldn't put it back in pieces.

I do work, but twice as much as disassembling and destroying things.

I kept doing that so much that I had a childhood with no self-confidence and no self-esteem.

As an adult, I was good at moving my hands and making things, but I couldn't decide what I wanted to make. I was selling it, but I couldn't decide because of various influences.

I have thought this way. I thought I could introduce or sell someone else's stuff if it affected me, but I couldn't do that, and I couldn't stop making things. This made me feel that I was the type of person who made things and expressed myself.

While I was searching for various things, I was gradually able to manufacture and sell it, saying affirmative words from customers,"This is not good."I also noticed this, I wasn't confident in myself, and my self-esteem was low, so I couldn't decide on a work, and I think I couldn't put it out.

From that time on, I stopped seeing other people's works and tried to step into nature. When my father passed away, I saw the many photographs left behind and remembered that my parents were fascinated by the mountains.


Now I feel and touch the trees and air in the nature of Shinshu, and I am wondering if I can sublimate it into my work. Inspired by the inspiration I received in the nature of Shinshu, I pursue fine details and tactile sensations with passion and urge.

We manufacture pens and cufflinks.

* We are addictingly collecting and exploring materials from all over the world .

* We are particular about the feeling of stroking and touching.

* Trial and error to make it modern while leaving a classical atmosphere.

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