Wooden fountain pen unveiled


In the course of making wooden writing instruments, I had a desire to bring out the mokukobumoku even more.した。


We have been testing a wooden shaft fountain pen for some time, but after completing the prototype process, we have decided on the specifications and started production.ました。

 * We have established a production procedure and started creating, considering the position and the ease of holding the texture segments when held in combination.しました。
It's easy to write as...

 * To decide on this design, we made dozens of design reviews. Considering the design after repeated failuresインを考慮しました。

Just by changing the order of processing, the accuracy will not be achieved at all, so we examined which process can achieve accuracy, and completed it after an unprecedentedly steep road.した。​

The precious wood is complemented by the precious wood, and the proof that the tree has lived for hundreds and thousands of years.The expression full of vitality and the comfort and warmth that can only be experienced by handcrafting.さを感じます。

When you hold it in your hand, the more you use it, the more you will notice the subtle changes in its surface that become more tasteful over time.ずです。

 From the nib The pen nib, which can be said to be the heart of a fountain pen, uses a German-made JOWO 14k gold nib, which has received high praise from manufacturers around the world. High-quality resin pen core made with the latest crafting technology. Firmly supports the nib and realizes a stable ink flow.In addition, the 14-karat gold nib conveys softness and resilience to the hand holding the fountain pen, giving it a unique writing sensation.をもたらします。
※The nib in the photo is a stainless nib。

20% off for pre-ordered itemsす。

    * Pen tip 14K gold Jowo nib made in Germany
    * Size EF extra fine F fine M medium B boldM(中字)、B(太字)
    * Mechanism converter cartridge both styles式
    * Length when stored 135㎜
    * Writing length 130/175mm
    * Thickness 15.5mm main body 17.7mm capップ) 
    * Weight 25g
    *Material Japanese ebonite wood grain heather瘤杢
    * Accessories Converter cartridge Microfiber cloth boxス、箱
    * Delivery method Home delivery

    * Oil finish 14knib specification
    * 50,000 tax excluded別】→
8/30 Pre-order special price 40,000 until 9/30 has endedました

<Scheduled to ship Mid-September 2019予定

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