Segment fountain pen Pre-order start

While making wooden shaft writing tools, I wanted to enhance the heather and knuckle heather.
We have been conducting a prototype test for a wooden fountain pen, but after completing the prototype process, we have decided on the specifications and started production.

* We have established the production procedure and started the creation while considering the position, the texture when picked up, the balance of the segments, and the ease of holding.
It's easy to write ...

* In deciding this design, dozens of design reviews, sample production, consideration of how to insert the name tree and knuckle, making a sample with the name tree, which position stands out, thickness We considered how good it was, made many mistakes, considered the design, considered which process could be accurate, and completed it through an unprecedented steep road.

We hope that you will be able to bring out the name tree with the name tree, and feel the proof that the tree has lived for hundreds or thousands of years, its expression full of vitality, and the peace and warmth that can only be experienced by hand.