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Forest Drops (Quince Knob)

Forest Drops (Quince Knob)

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A complex and beautiful quince hump is combined with the jet-black ebonite . A classic and new type of fountain pen that uses this exotic heather as the neck. Compared to the moonlit night, it has a slender and elegant balance.

With a shaft diameter of 11.5 mm, a light weight of only 15 g, a gentle ebonite feel, and a slight dent on the neck, it fits comfortably in your hand and does not make you feel tired even when writing for a long time.

From the pen tip The pen tip, which can be said to be the heart of the fountain pen , is Bock, which is OEM-adopted by world-famous manufacturers such as Delta, Visconti, and Caran d' Ache. The high-quality resin nib created by the latest machining technology firmly supports the nib and realizes a stable ink flow.

* Please tell us the nib size to use when purchasing.
* The optional 14k nib will be delivered on delivery.

    • Nib made by Bock, Germany # 5
    • Size EF (extra-fine), F (fine), M (medium), B (bold)
    • Mechanism Converter/Cartridge Both styles
    • standard    International Converter & Cartridge
    • Storage length 147 mm
    • Writing length 140 mm
    • Thickness about 11.5mm
    • Weight about 11g (empty)
    • Weight about 15g (ink + converter)
  • Material Neck:Natural wood, Body:Nikko Ebonite
  • Accessories Converter, box
  • Delivery method Courier service

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