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Moonlit night"moonlit"Black/Green Wave

Moonlit night"moonlit"Black/Green Wave

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We put it up on Kickstarter to commemorate version 6.

Fountain pen"moonlit"Made in Japan

I reviewed the balance of all moonlit nights and remade it. This is Tsukiyo updated to Ver.6.

The beauty of the black and green heather grain is enhanced by being sandwiched between jet black. A classic and new type of fountain pen with an exposed neck. A classic and new type of fountain pen with an exposed neck. The slight indentation on the neck allows it to fit comfortably in your hand, so you won't feel tired even when writing for long periods of time.

The length from the neck to the bottom of the shaft is a prime number of 89mm. I hope that these indivisible numbers will be able to deal with the feelings of indivisibility and incompetence. With version 6, the overall length is also a prime number, and we are particular about 151mm, which is unmanageable.

The nib, which can be said to be the heart of the fountain pen, is made by Bock, which is used by world-famous manufacturers such as Delta, Visconti, and Caran d'Ache on an OEM basis. The high-quality resin pen core created with the latest crafting technology firmly supports the nib and achieves stable ink flow.

*When purchasing, please let us know the size of the nib you are using.
*The optional 14k nib will require delivery.

  • Nib
    • German Bock #6 EF (extra fine), F (fine), M (medium)
    • German Bock 14K #6 EF (extra fine), F (fine), M (medium)
    • Made in Japan P*L*T No. 10 14K EF・F・SF・FM・SFM・M・SM・B・BB・C
  • Mechanism Converter/Cartridge
    • Standard : International Converter & cartridge
  • 153 mm length when stored
  • Writing length 145mm
  • Cap thickness 13mm
  • Grip thickness 12.6 - 11.8mm
  • Body Thickness 12.6 - 12.2mm
  • Weight 16g (empty)
  • Material Section:Color Ebonite, Cap/Barrel:Made in Japan Black/Black Ebonite
  • Accessories converter, box
  • delivery method courier service
  • Version 6.0

About 2 months

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