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moonlit : tamenuri Persimmon color (usukuti) texture

moonlit : tamenuri Persimmon color (usukuti) texture

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Tame-nuri, in which candy-coloured transparent urushi lacquer is applied over Persimmon color (usukuti) urushi lacquer and polished through, the body beyond the blackness becomes more transparent with each passing day, and the more time passes, the more transparent and brighter the Persimmon color (usukuti) colour becomes.
The Persimmon color (usukuti) colour, which can be faintly seen in the subtle beauty of the lacquer and the unevenness of the texture... From now on, I want to nurture its beauty in my hand. The unique adhesion of the lacquer to the hand is like the habit of touching the human skin. Even after a long, hard writing session, one does not feel tired.
The length of the neck-to-butt axis has been set at 89mm, a prime number. We hope that this divisible number will help you deal with feelings of wanting to do things that are not divisible by it. The version is now 7 and has a further overall length of 151 mm, which is my obsession with the indivisible.
The nib, which can be described as the heart of the pen, is made by JOWO.
German JOWO #6
International Converter
151 mm length when stored
Writing length 146mm
Cap diameter 13~12.3mm
Grip diameter 12.3 - 11.8mm
Body diameter 12.3 - 12.2mm
Weight 13g (empty)
Material Black/Black Ebonite (Made in Japan)
Accessories converter, box
delivery method courier service

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