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Segment basic fountain pen (ebony) 14knib

Segment basic fountain pen (ebony) 14knib

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The beautiful heather of this striped ebony is complemented by the African representative broad-leaved Bubinga, which is used for drums, Japanese drums, and guitar bodies.

From the pen tip The pen tip, which can be said to be the heart of a fountain pen, uses JOWO 14K gold nib made in Germany, which is highly evaluated by manufacturers all over the world. The high-quality resin nib created by the latest machining technology firmly supports the nib and realizes a stable ink flow. In addition, the 14-karat gold nib conveys softness and repulsion to the hand holding the fountain pen, giving it a unique writing feel.

* Please tell us the size of the nib you are using in the remarks column when purchasing.

* Nib 14K Gold Made in Germany Jowo # 6
* Size EF (extra-fine), F (fine), M (medium), B (bold)
* Mechanism converter/cartridge both styles
* Length when stored 135 mm
* Writing length 130/175mm
* Thickness 15.5mm (main body) 17.7mm (cap)
* Weight 25g
* Material Neck:Ebonite made in Japan, Body:Striped ebony, Ring part:Bubinga Maple
* Accessories Converter, cartridge, microfiber cloth, box
* Delivery method Courier service

* Oil finish 14knib specification
* ¥ 50,000 [excluding tax]

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